Which Type of Love
Do You Want to Find

Which Type of Love Do You Want to Find?

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Until now, finding love has always meant taking the lows with the highs — a mixed chart.

No more! Today you can find a Loveship and get everything your heart and soul has always desired … and more.

This video will start you on your way to finding your Loveship!

Discover how to find the people who share that epic chart with you and get them to a first date. It’s a Loveship connection that will change your life…forever!


What’s in the video?
The first steps towards your Loveship!

It’s a very simple question: If you could choose a love, which would you want?

Troy discusses how to find the people who share epic love with you, how to get them to a first date, and how to know that you’ve found the right person — the right chart — which will bring with it a mind-blowing love that will never fade or rust.

  • How Troy found Judy, and their epic Loveship.
  • What to change to get your first dates crappy alignments to epic alignment.
  • Why your online profile is absolutely critical to finding epic love and what to put in your profile to find those unique people for you.
  • The 7 decisions every dater must make without error in order to find lasting love and how you can make them better than you make them now.

Some of Our Work

Our published paperback book, The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates, is an excellent companion to the Loveship Dating System.

The Mirror Effect is both the story and system that Troy used to find Judy, and the forms the foundation of the LDS and the 6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship.

The Loveship Dating System (LDS) is the program for finding Loveships – the next step beyond relationships. This first-of-its-kind program shows you how to find those who are naturally meant for them.

The LDS gives singles a no-nonesense, revolutionary system for finding a love so extraoardinary and connected that it will shatter everything you think is possible with love.

You Can Do It!

Don’t give up! This video will start you on the path to finding a love so extraordainary and mind-bending that it will make everything else pale in comparison.