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Dating for
Loveships 101

Finding the Easiest and Deepest
Love You’ll Ever Have

Do Loveships exist? Where do they come from? How do I find mine? This course gives you the information you need to move from typical dating to finding a Loveship.

Powerful. Counter-intuitive. Mind-blowing. This course will show you how to finally find what you’ve been looking for …. and way more!


Part 1

The Modern Dating Trap

Part 1

The Modern Dating Trap

In Part 1, The Modern Dating Trap, you learn you are conditioned to find relationships, not love.

The modern day search for love is a paradigm that enables and encourages you to find the best-of-the-worst for you, learning how to compromise, adapt, and cooperate your way into accepting passing love, instead of finding lasting love. Until you escape this programming, you’ll never be able to get to the best-of-the-best love and connection that is naturally meant for you.


  • How your beliefs and conditioning about dating and love stand between you and finding the love you so deeply want.
  • The origins of the modern paradigm and how they came to be the predominate method
  • The hidden reasons why you shouldn’t follow the prevailing dating advice.
You’ll discover that because of the way the programming works, you’ll never find a Loveship as long as you continue to date the way you are today. You’ll begin the process of unlearning old-school dating, and begin a new understanding of how to date for Loveships, which is the only way to find the type of life-fulfilling love you want.


Part 2

Who Shares a Loveship With You

Part 2

Who Shares a Loveship with You

In Part 2, Who Shares a Loveship with You, you’ll discover precisely where a Loveship comes from and who shares it with you.

You’ll discover what you want from love and what you were taught about love are two different things. In this section you’ll learn what type of people share true love with you. You’ll find the characteristics that define them and why they share true love with you.


  • The patterns, characteristics, and how to measure for Loveship.
  • The Loveship Standard – the way to know if it’s a Loveship.
  • The vast difference between building  a relationship love and finding the built-in Loveship connection.
  • You don’t need to fix yourself or be ready for love. You’re ready just the way you are right now.
Part 2 will free you from the old rules and set your heart and soul free to begin the search for a love that is more than you can imagine. You’ll understand what it means to have someone be naturally meant for you. You’ll begin to understand why you’ll never have to build a relationship or grow a love ever again.


Part 3

The 6 Steps to Finding a Loveship

Part 3

The 6 Steps to Finding a Lovehship

Part 3 is the 6 Steps to Finding a Loveship.

Just as the title suggests, now that you know those who are naturally meant for you, the 6 Steps is all about finding them!

In a logical, no “woo woo” progression, the 6 Steps methodically:


  • Separates the wrong people from the right people for you
  • Gets them to the first date
  • Shows you exactly what to look for on date
  • Validates that you’ve found the right one
  • Leads to finding someone with whom you share an unparalleled connection and love.

By Part 3 you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t been dating this way all along! Both ingeniously logical and deeply heartfelt, the True Love Event shows that the love you’ve been told is a fairy tale actually exists … and can be found! Your fear will fade, your hope will rise, and your belief in love will be restored. It takes something incredibly powerful to make all that happen. It will change the way you date forever … and it very well may change your life as well.

Dating for Loveships 101


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