Dating for Loveships 301

The Theory of Loveitivity

Dating for
Loveships 301

The Theory of Loveitivity

With a single equation, Einstein changed everything. His Theory of Relativity debunked the longstanding myths about the universe and utterly revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos. Simply, he brought us to the next level.

Today, daters similarly suffer misconceptions about dating and the search for love.

With a single equation, the Theory of Loveitivity shatters those misconceptions and shows singles how to do the impossible — find extraordinary love with zero trade-offs.

Simply, this is next level of dating and love.

The Theory of Loveitivity


Why Will the Theory of Loveitivity Have Such an Earth-shattering Effect on Your Search for Love?

The Theory of Loveitivity


Why is the Theory of Loveitivity so earth-shattering?

The most powerful insights in all of dating and relationships!

Maybe more than any other single item in history, equations have changed the world. From the building of gravity-defying skyscrapers to landing on the moon, math has given us the power to achieve the impossible.

Why should love be any different?

The culmination of more than a decade of investigation and research, Troy has developed an equation which shows how dating and love really work — a single equation which explains it all: searching, dating, relationships, difficulties, divorce, emotions, connection, understanding, love, Loveships and much more. 

The Theory of Loveitivity shows singles how to find a love so extraordinary that it will give them everything they want and need for the rest of their lives — an extraordinary, natural, easy love with zero downsides.

The Theory of Loveitivity provides insights so clear, powerful and revolutionary that you will allow you to see decades into the future of any potential relationship without actually having to live it.

Basically, when it comes to epic love and finding it, this course will show you how to find the impossible.

Einstein would be proud.

Course Information


  • Troy presents this class LIVE. This information is too important and revolutionary to be left to a recording.
  • One class per week for four weeks. Class length is two hours. Class days and times are adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Highly interactive and participatory.
  • You don’t need to be a mathematician. The math is simple and grounded in practical dating and relationship content so that everything can be understood from a real-world perspective.


Prerequisite: Dating for Loveships 101

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 1

Everything You’ve Been Taught About Dating is Wrong

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 1

What Type of Love Do You REALLY Want?

In Section 1, we take the first steps towards find your Loveship!

Why is dating so difficult and frustrating? Why don’t today’s relationships naturally thrive? Why does the practical advice and common wisdom never seem to work? The equation unlocks and explains the deepest mysteries of dating and love. 

What if everything you’ve know about dating, relationships, long-term commitment and love is wrong? 

To put another way: If all that stuff were right, then almost every relationship you know would be a beautiful, vibrant, powerful love, right? 

Pretty much everyone follows the same general dating approach and advice – the same formula.

Obviously, the formula is broken.

In section 1, we (briefly) lay the groundwork for leaping into a new dating universe:

  • We uncover the personal dating formula that you use as you date and look for love. (Believe it or not, you have one.)
  • We reveal how today’s daters are still dating like its 1960, and how dating that way is directly responsible for your dating and relationship failures.
  • We review your current online profile and show how it is a combination of both your personal dating formula and 1960’s dating.
  • We review the critical importance of a profile. You’ll discover how your profile is directly responsible for the quality of your first dates and the quality of love in your relationships. You’ll learn how a profile is the root cause of most failed relationships. (It’s true!).
  • We’ll lay the groundwork for the upcoming sections which will unleash you from those failed dating approaches.

The secret gem of this section is writing down and recognizing the dating formulas that you have unconsciously been conditioned to use. Later sections will show how these formulas are equations for failure rather than steps to dating success. We’ll eventually replace your personal formula with the Theory of Loveitivity formula so that you can achieve the impossible.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 2

How to Find the Perfectly Right People for You

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 2

How to Find the Perfectly Right People for You

Section 2 is where you learn how to find an alignment so powerful that it changes everything – dating, relationships, and long-term love!

What’s the single most important part of dating? What is the critical point? The first date? The first kiss? Starting a relationship?

Not even close!

Believe it or not, the single most important part of dating is your profile. 

It’s simple: The profile finds the people you date … and everything that follows can only be as good as people your profile finds.

In this section, The Theory of Loveitivity shows what happens to your love when your profile brings in the wrong person.

This section also reveals the seemingly impossible awesomeness that happens in your dating and eventual long-term togetherness when you profile finds those who are naturally meant for you.

Section 2 topics will:

  • Show, via the Loveitivity equation, how Loveships are 10,000% more connected, deep, and loving than the typical relationship. (Yes, 10,000%!)
  • The Theory of Loveitivity will show that there is such a thing as a frictionless long-term togetherness — a love with zero trade-offs and zero downsides.
  • Show why typical relationships start off so strong, but then fade over time. We’ll show you how to use the Theory of Loveitivity to break that cycle by finding someone so highly aligned that your love will never rust or fade.
  • You’ll begin to learn how to use the Theory of Loveitivity to predict the future of any relationship. You’ll gain the ultimate power of clairvoyance to find the right person and know that it’s a Loveship instead of just another relationship.

The secret gem of this section is discovering via equation that Loveships and relationships are separated by 10,000%. You’ll discover that Loveships aren’t just a better type of love; they are a radically different type of love. Extraordinary. Easy. Love.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 3

The First Dates and the Dates That Follow

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 3

Long-term Relationships vs. Natural Loveships

Love should never be about having to being tolerant, or compromising, or having to change who you are!

The mantra for the modern relationship is compromise. The concept of compromising in a relationship is so pervasive that it’s nearly its own religion.

In this session we use the Theory to see if it’s possible for a person to compromise forever, and what happens to your relationships if you grow tired of compromising? (Dead as a doornail, right?)

We also look at what happens to long-term love in both relationships and Loveships

Section 3 topics will include:

  • Can you build a lasting love? We use the Theory of Loveitivity equation to explore the question of whether through effort and persistence couples are able to build lasting love. (The answer will blow you away!)
  • Today’s approach to dating is psychology-based. We use the Theory of Loveitivity to show how psychology is not the solution to the problem, but the problem itself.
  • How in a Loveship, you partner can fulfill 99% of your needs, wants, dreams and desires with zero compromise. (Yes, it seems impossible, but we’re achieving the impossible in this course, right?)

The secret gem in this section is seeing the incredible long-term difference between selecting a relationship or Loveship. In the end, you’ll see that finding a Loveship is the only way to ensure true, lasting long-term happiness.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 4

Is This the Person for Me?
The Equation Tells All!

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 4

Is This the Person for Me? The Equation Tells All!

Section 4 is where you learn to use the Theory of Loveitivity to see the future!

Section 4 is where the Theory of Loveitivity comes into full view. Like a lightning bolt from the sky, you’ll see everything in a new light. You’ll understand how your current dating formula has kept you wandering blindfolded with two hands tied behind your back and how simple it is to change that reality.

You’ll see what exactly what you have to do to find your Loveship and have the power at your fingertips to do what you thought was impossible.

Section 4 topics will include:

  • The cut-through-da-crap questions that will make you think: What would you do if you could have only one more first date? How would you approach dating if you could start only one more relationship? (This is where everything gets real!)
  • How to use the Theory of Loveitivity to vet dating partners, dating advice, and potential partners. You’ll learn to use the equation to see the future of anything that is related to love, no matter what it is!
  • The costs of using shortcuts or mixing in other dating methodologies.
  • The amazing love and life that happens when you use the Theory of Loveitivity for searching, dating, and selecting your last long-term love. This is the reward of doing everything just right!
  • Boiling the Theory of Loveitivity down to a single, elegant equation that both explains the dating and relationship universe AND gives you the power to find a love beyond the impossible.

This section has two secret gems.

The first secret gem is learning how to tell the future without actually having to live it first. The power of that ability cannot be overstated!

The second secret gem is being able to wield the awesome power of the Theory of Loveitivity equation in your dating. What seemed impossible at the beginning now feels easy and completely within your control.

You are now one of the most knowledgeable, powerful daters on the planet! 

The Theory of Loveitivity


What people are saying

What our Lovalutionaries are saying about this course

WOW! What an amazing mind-bender! Troy is the Einstein of Love — a paradigm-busting, out-of-the-box thinker whose Theory of Loveitivity has quantified a game-changing perspective on dating and finding extraordinary love. This knowledge radically changed my awareness of what conventional relationships are and how/why they are failing in so many ways, and precisely why and how to go about finding my Loveship.

The Theory of Lovetivity is not to be missed, and you don’t have to be a math whiz to follow this and recognize the benefits of this wisdom. Thank you so much, Troy for being the lightning rod for this wonderful set of insights that flipped the proverbial switch and has illuminated a new way of conceiving and thinking about dating, love, and human relationships. (BTW – the collateral applications of this Theory are significant: all the way from team building to understanding conflict between nations! I’m sure there are dozens of applications. You’ve got something big here, Troy. Thank you and Judy, from my whole heart! — Kira