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The Theory of Loveitivity

With a single equation, Einstein changed everything. His Theory of Relativity debunked the longstanding myths about the universe and utterly revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos. Simply, he brought us to the next level.

Today, we suffer similar misconceptions about dating and love.

With a single equation, the Theory of Loveitivity shatters those misconceptions and shows singles how to do the impossible — find extraordinary love with zero trade-offs.

Simply, this is next level of dating and love.

The Theory of Loveitivity


Why Will the Theory of Loveitivity Have Such an Earth-shattering Effect on Your Search for Love?

The Theory of Loveitivity


Why is the Theory of Loveitivity so earth-shattering?

The most powerful approach in all of dating and relationships!

Have you ever watched a movie where the main character can see the past, present and the future, and, because of that knowledge, knows exactly what to do?

That’s what this course will do for your search for love.

With a single equation, Einstein changed our understanding of the cosmos and everything in it. His Theory of Relativity explained how the universe really worked, righting erroneous misconceptions and finally giving us a path to understanding the deepest secrets of time and space.

The Theory of Loveitivity does precisely the same thing for love – a single equation that debunks the long-standing misconceptions, unlocks all the deep secrets, and shows the path to finding exceptional, groundbreaking love.

The equation explains it all: searching, dating, relationships, difficulties, divorce, love, Loveships and much more.

The Theory of Loveitiviy shows how dating and love really works. It provides a framework for finding love so powerful and revolutionary that it will change the course of all dating forever, including yours!  

Einstein would be proud.

Course Information

  • Troy only presents this class LIVE. This information is too important and revolutionary to be left to a recording.
  • 1 class per week for 6 weeks. Class length is 2 hours. Class days and times are adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • Highly interactive and participatory. 
  • You don’t need to be a mathematician. The math is simple and grounded in practical dating and relationship content so that the theory can be understood from a real-world perspective.



Prerequisite: Dating for Loveships 101

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 1

Everything You’ve Been Taught About Dating is Wrong

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 1

What Type of Love Do You REALLY Want?

In Section 1, we take the first steps towards find your Loveship!

What if everything you’ve know about dating, relationships, long-term commitment and love is wrong? 

To put another way: If all that stuff were right, then almost every relationship you know would be a beautiful, vibrant, powerful love, right? 

Pretty much everyone follows the same general dating approach and advice – the same formula.

Obviously, the formula is broken.

In section 1, we (briefly) lay the groundwork for leaping into a new dating universe and formula:

  • Discover and write your personal dating and relationship formulas. (Believe it or not, you have them)
  • Discovering where those formulas and beliefs come from.
  • Show how today’s dating and love formulas makes the wrong people for you seem like the right ones.
  • How the upcoming sections will unleash your from those disastrous formulas.

The secret gem of this section is writing down and recognizing the dating formulas that you have unconsciously been conditioned to use. Later sections will show how these formulas are equations for failure rather than formulas for success.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 2

How to Find the Perfectly Right People for You

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 2

How to Find the Perfectly Right People for You

Section 2 is where you find the perfectly right people to date!

What’s the single most important part of dating? What is the critical point?The first date? The first kiss? Starting a relationship?

Not even close!

Believe it or not, the single most important part of dating is your profile. 

It’s simple: The profile finds the people you date … and everything that follows can only be as good as people your profile finds.

If the people aren’t a perfect fit for you, you’ll spend the rest of your relationship trying to make something fit that doesn’t fit. 

This section will show that your profile controls everything, from how well your first date goes to whether you have a thriving or crummy marriage.

In section 2, we’ll see how typical profiles = meeting virtual strangers, and why you need a different formula if you want to find a Loveship.

Section 2 topics will include:

  • Why profiles are the single most important part of the search for love. We’ll prove it!
  • How typical profiles are completely worthless and how they end up being incredibly harmful.
  • Why offline dating is a waste of time and money, heart and feelings.
  • How to use the equation to build the perfect profile – one that will get Loveship connections to a first date.
  • How online dating can help you find a Loveship, if you know how to use it properly.
  • How to use a profile to do the work of fin
  • How to know when to open the date gate to a first date and when to leave it closed.
  • typical profile = meeting virtual strangers + superficial connections

The secret gem of this section shows how to use the profile to do the work you would normally do at the first date.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 3

The First Dates and the Dates That Follow

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 3

The First Date and the Dates That Follow

Dating should not be about finding the right person!

The typical dating formula says that dating is the phase where you sort the wrong people from the right people for you. The problem with this approach is that you end meeting a bunch of virtual strangers, which is why you have such strange dates.

The Theory of Loveitivity says that profile sorts the people before the first date, so that only deeply connected and aligned people arrive at the first date.

Now, you are not meeting virtual strangers anymore. First dates are now venues of deep connection and alignment.

This section covers what dating should be used for and how it really works for finding a Loveship. You’ll discover that dating is very different when you’re only meeting people who are naturally meant for you.

Section 3 topics will include: 

  • The only thing to look for on the first date.
  • What true alignment is and what it looks like.
  • Separating phantom alignment from real alignment.
  • How to decide if there should be a second date using alignment instead of chemistry.
  • Understanding and quantifying the depth and breadth of the connection.
  • Mirror signs and what they mean to finding a Loveship.
  • How to escape repeated first date let-downs, rejection and failure. 

The secret gem of this section shows that dating is not a numbers game:

More dates does not = more chance of success. Instead, fewer quality dates = way greater chance of success + a savings of time, money, and feelings.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 4

Is This the Person for Me?
The Equation Tells All!

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 4

Is This the Person for Me? The Equation Tells All!

Section 4 is where you learn to use the Theory of Loveitivity to see the future!

Section 4 is where the formula comes into full view. Like an epiphany lightening bolt from the sky, you’ll see everything in a new light, and you’ll realize that your current dating formula has kept you wandering blindfolded with two hands tied behind your back!

No more. You’ll see dating, relationships, love, difficulties, divorce, Loveships and understand it all so very clearly.

You’ll see what exactly what you have to do to find love- you’ll see that all this time you’ve been wandering blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back. You’ll see the power of the Theory of Loveitivity formula to 

  • Does good qualities + relationship skills + effort = lasting love? We are told that qualities like understanding, relationship skills like learning to compromise and a little daily effort are the keys to a wonderful relationship. Learn what this formula really does.
  • busts it all wide open.
  • + common wisdom + expert advice 
  • Separates the wrong people from the right people for you
  • Gets them to the first date
  • Shows you exactly what to look for on date
  • Validates that you’ve found the right one
  • Leads to finding someone with whom you share an unparalleled connection and love.

The secret gem of this section is learning how to tell the future without actually having to live it first. The power of that ability cannot be overstated!

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 5

Awesome Forever Love or Painful Long-term Failure?

If You Know the Equation, You’ll Know the Answer Before it Happens to You!

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 5

Awesome forever love or painful long-term failure?

If You Know the Equation, You’ll Know the Answer Before it Happens!

Section 5 is where you get the results of using a powerful, game-changing formula!

What will happen in your long-term togetherness? Will it be awesome, horrible, or something between?

The relationship experts will tell you that the typical long-term relationship is a mixture of love, strife and effort. They say that love is like a plant that needs to be watered, fertilized, and tended in order to grow and blossom.

It sounds right, but is it? Is this the formula for an awesome relationship, or just the code words for you picked the wrong person and now you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to perfect an imperfect pairing?

And what happens in the long-term stage if you’ve used the Theory of Loveitivity to find a Loveship? What are the new rules for Loveship love.

Big hint: Changing the formula = changing the results.

In this section we’ll use the equation to show just how staggeringly big that change is! 

  • How typical long-term relationships really work, and how to use the formula to avoid them.
  • The difference between a real connection and a typical connection.
  • Why arguments tend to explode, and why you should never that happen to you ever again.
  • How the Theory leads to a love and connection that is completely effortless and natural.
  • Why you should never have to work at keeping your connection and love alive.
  • How the Theory of Loveitivity brings you a person with who you have an frictionless, easy love.

The secret gem of this section is seeing how the Theory of Loveitivity works to bring together two people who are so meant to be together that they just naturally get along at every level and in every way.

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 6

Putting What You’ve Learned Into Action, Success, and Getting Exactly What You Want!

The Theory of Loveitivity

Section 6

Putting What You’ve Learned Into Action, Success, and Getting Exactly What You Want!

Section 6 is where your new superpowers come together to find a Loveship!

Almost all daters wander around trying this and that in hopes that it will bring them someone to love. This is called ‘shot-gunning it’ or ‘spray and pray’ – a strategy to try everything in hopes of hitting something.

This is a strategy based on luck, rather than knowledge.

When you know how something really works, you can forge a strategy based on knowledge and insight – a strategy that will succeed because you know precisely what it takes to succeed. 

Now that you have a complete grasp and understanding of the Theory of Loveitivity, we put it to the test. We take the most difficult dating a relationship questions and we use the Theory to show the typical formula is nothing more than a formula of luck.

Once you see all the fallacies, myths and misconceptions, you’ll be able to get off the hamster wheel of dating failure and get on the straight and quick path to finding your Loveship.

And at the end of the day, that’s all that counts!

 Section 6 topics will include:

  • All the things you told to believe are myths and fallacies
  • How the typical formula leads daters to failure every time
  • Where love really comes from and how you’ll never have to work at it again
  • How to avoid doing things the old way and how to keep from making the same old mistakes

The secret gem of this section is being freed from the old ways, able to see them for what they truly are. Now, you can find your Loveship without any distractions or unnecessary detours.

“To understand something is to be liberated from it. ” – The Four Horsemen documentary

The Theory of Loveitivity


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