Here you can get a nibble about the Loveship Dating System, Loveships, and other thought-leading insights to dating and finding epic love.

What a Loveship 
First Date Feels Like

Deep connection, gravity, and being deeply understood: These are the hallmarks of a LD System first date.

Modern Dating Is Totally Backwards

The relationship should control how we date, not the other way around. How dating without a target leads you astray.

Why Your Profile
Doesn’t Work

Getting loads of meaningless responses to your profile? Not finding the people you are lookng for? Here’s why.

Are You a Junkmail Dater?

Do you use the first date to decide if a person has potential? Do you have lots of poor dates in your search for the one? If so you are a junkmail dater.

The Real Way to Decide If You Should Have a Second Date

The decision to have a second date is often confusing, but when you look at it differently, it’s easy to know!

Do the Experts Help
or Hurt Your Search?

Are the dating and  relationship experts helping or hurting your search for love? How they the bar they set is killing your chances.

What Keeps You from
Finding a Soul Mate

There is a hidden pattern in dating that keeps you from finding true, epic love. Do you know what it is? Found out in this video.

What Daters REALLY
Want from Love Today

Singles want more from their relationships today, but they aren’t finding it. Here’s why it you haven’t been able to find more.

The Mirror Connection
on the First Date

How is the Loveship first date connection different than a typical date? Here’s a list of the epic characteristics that you will experience.

Happy Students

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Contacting Team Bloved

Finding love — choosing who to love — is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It’s a choice which affects your life every day.

And yet, even in the face of that uncontestable fact, singles know so little about where love comes from and how to find it. Even worse, the common wisdom that they are implored to follow rarely leads to finding someone with whom they will have lasting love and true happiness.

Every new age that dawns begins with a radical change, and so it’s the same today with love.

If you have a question about the difference between relationships and Loveships, or how to find a Loveship, or if you’re just feeling down about finding love, all you have to do is reach out.

Our mission is to change the world’s understanding of how love works  …  and you can’t change the world without helping each person along the way.

So, whatever the reason, we’re here for you.

We wish you the best in all things, especially love!

With love,

Team Bloved