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Finding love — choosing who to love — is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It’s a choice which affects your life every day.

And yet, even in the face of that incontestable fact, singles know so little about where love comes from and how to find it. Even worse, the common wisdom that they are implored to follow rarely leads to finding someone with whom they will have lasting love and true happiness.

We are here to change all of that.

The Bloved Way 

Let’s start with the facts. Only about 3% of marriages truly thrive. There is a divorce every 30 seconds, nearly 1 million divorces yearly. Divorce costs couples over $100B per year. Destroyed families. Destroyed lives. Destroyed futures. Shattered dreams.

Every one of these realities started with a first date that brought together two people who were wrong for each other.

How do we change this so that every part is not only better, but perfectly right?


If we are to change such horrendous outcomes, then we cannot continue to do things the way we are doing them now. Everything must change … radically.

And it all starts with dating.

Guided by Troy and Judy’s paradigm-shattering Loveship, the Bloved team came together to re-define every facet of dating and relationships from the ground up:

Profiles must do the work of separating the right people for you from the wrong people for you. Only two people who are extraordinarily right for each other must get to first dates. Togetherness must be easy, completely effortless, fun, fulfilling, and so natural that it feels like you were born to be together. The connection must not require work to keep it alive. The love must be as strong on day one as it is decades later — it must not change or fade.

This is the path to finding extraordinary love.

This is more than a relationship.

This a Loveship.

To help singles find their Loveship, we developed a groundbreaking, comprehensive framework which includes courses, tools, the Bloved profile, coaching, and the Theory of Loveitivity, all designed to work synergistically to deliver your Loveship.

Loveship Dating System represents the first real change in thinking about dating and relationships in more than 50 years.

We are deeply committed to helping singles find Loveships. We believe that Loveships are love the way love was meant to be, and that when couples are deeply, truly happy, the world becomes a better place.


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Who Are Troy and Judy?

In July 2010, Troy and Judy walked into a restaurant and, somewhere between the wine and desert, they discovered that they already knew each other deeply, like two old friends that had never met before.

Their connection was clear and deep — so much so that Judy knew she was going to marry Troy, even though, at 48 years-old, she had never considered marrying anyone before!


They were blown away! Even though both had previous experience with love, they knew this love was very different – easy, totally fulfilling, deep, and extraordinarily connected. This was love way beyond the norm. It was love on the next level.

And it’s stayed that way every day they’ve been together.

Troy spent his career in Silicon Valley as an innovator, inventor, patent holder, educator and consultant with a deep expertice in pattern recognition, conceiving systems, and creative problem solving within highly technical environments.  

Troy combined his professional background together with three years of personal Loveship online dating and 10 years of intensive research to define the Loveship paradigm, Loveship Dating System, the Bloved Dating website, and the Theory of Loveitivity. His clients have labeled him The Einstein of Love.


Judy is a CEO, innovator, patent holder, and successful entrepreneur. Judy not only co-wrote The Mirror Effect, she was also the agent provocateur behind codifying the 6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship.

A graduate of the Hendricks Institute, Judy is a savant and intuitive in the areas of personality and human characteristics, both of which are at the center of her creating and instituting the Bloved Profile and profile courses.

Together, Troy and Judy started Bloved to help singles find the same incredible type of love they naturally share. 

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