Let’s Find
Your Loveship!

An extraordinary, unfading love
without the compromising

Beyond dating coaching. More than finding mere relationships. The Loveship Dating Program is the groundbreaking system that shows singles how to find a Loveship — a love more profound, fulfilling and easy than you ever thought possible.

“I’ve have never had this experience before. I have never felt a love this happy and this strong. I feel like we are completely as one. There are no barriers. I have never had such deep trust. I’ve always needed to protect some part of me. With him, I don’t feel that need at all.” – Beth


Let’s find a love so extraordinary, unfading and easy that it will be the last love you’ll ever need!

“I’ve have never had this experience before. I have never felt a love this happy and this strong. I feel like we are completely as one. There are no barriers. I have never had such deep trust. I’ve always needed to protect some part of me. With him, I don’t feel that need at all.” — Beth

We show singles how to find Loveships — the next step beyond relationships.

Our  groundbreaking, game-changing dating program shows singles how to find a unique type of love … a love that is extraordinarily happy, 99% harmonious and supremely easy. (really!!)


What is a Loveship?

Imagine what it would be like to be with someone who naturally fits you in every way someone who understands your heart and soul in a way no one ever has before. Imagine having a love that is profoundly connected, peaceful and utterly fulfilling.

That’s a good start at describing a Loveship.

A Loveship is very different than anything you’ve ever experienced in dating and relationships. Every part of it is different.

How different are they?

Easy. Extraordinary. Love.

What is a Loveship?

what it would be like to be with someone who fits you perfectly in every way — someone who sees, hears, and understands your heart and soul in a way no one ever has before.

coming home every day to a love that is deeply connected, incredibly happy and totally fulfilling … and one that doesn’t fade over time. 

That’s just the start of describing a Loveship.

What’s the REAL problem with dating?

Since relationships have a 97% failure rate, you must search for more than a relationship. You need a type of love that is so is easy and right for you that it naturally thrives — a connection that never rusts or fades.

This is a Loveship.

And the only way to find your Loveship is to know the type of people who share a Loveship with you, and use a dating system designed to find only those people.

That’s how you win the dating game.

Welcome to the Loveship Dating System!

That’s an easy one!

Count up the number of relationships that you have ever started.

How many of those relationships brought you a thriving love that lasted forever?

This is the REAL problem with dating!

Fortunately, fixing this problem is easy, if you’re willing to change your approach to dating.


To find extraordinary, unfading love, you must be able to find those people with whom you share extraordinary alignment – a completely perfect fit.


That means you must not be left wanting for anything(imagine getting absolutely everything you want, yeah!)

The problem is that daters are taught that finding a perfect fit is impossible … until now!

Mind-blowing. Life-changing. Loveship.

What happens when you find a Loveship?

“This is something I’ve never experienced in my life before. It’s the absolute freedom to be me. Our love was drama-free from the start and has continued to be drama-free for the five years we’ve been together.”
– Tery

“From the beginning, it was clear, it was deep, it was real. It’s just easy, natural, no work, no drama.”
– Russ


It’s impossible to tell you in words what it’s like to find a Loveship; you have to hear it for yourself. The power of it brings Tery to tears. (A must see!)

Tery and Russ

Wasn’t that powerful …. unbelievable… impossible? And it’s completely normal when you find a perfect fit.

Anyone can find a perfect fit Loveship, and, when you do, you’ll have a togetherness that feels enchanted — effortless, over-the-top happy, and soul-deep fulfilling 99% of the time.


What’s the REAL problem with dating?

It seems so simple, right? Just find the perfectly right person for you and your dating days would be over.

The problem is that typical dating rarely finds the right person. Painful and tedious, today’s dating is just an endless cycle of people who don’t fit.

Even worse, every time we think we’ve found the right person, 97% of the time we are wrong. Today, only 3% of marriages truly thrive, resulting in nearly 1 million divorces a year — 40 million divorces over the last 50 years!

Clearly, today’s approach to dating is disastrously broken.

We need a new dating recipe that leads to vastly improved dating which finds an extraordinary type of love that doesn’t fade.

How do you find your Loveship?


How can you find your Loveships if you don’t know who they are?

In order to find your Loveship, you must learn who are the type of people who are a 100% perfect fit for you.

You must be able to describe those people in exact detail.

And, you need to know the precise set of steps to find those unique people.


Enter the Dating for Loveships Program.

The Dating for Loveships is a program that reveals the group of people who are perfect fits for you, shows you how to separate them from the field, and how to get only those people to a first date.

The program is a complete, integrated system for finding Loveships:

Revolutaionary courses that show you how to find a Loveship.

First-of-their-kind tools that show you when you’ve found a Loveship.

Thought-leading coaching to help you find a Loveship.

The Theory of Loveitivity, which is the power behind Loveships.

The program contains everything you need to find your Loveship.  

Dating for Loveships

Our cutting-edge on-demand and LIVE courses on finding Loveships – the next step beyond relationships.

The Theory of Loveitivity

The game-changing, Einstein-inspired brainchild that reinvents dating AND proves that Loveships exist.

The 6 Steps

The 6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship. Our tangible, executable path to finding the easiest, deepest love you’ve ever known.

Loveship Online Profile

Our revolutionary online dating profile designed specifically to find Loveships. Absolutely crucial! It’s the last profile you’ll ever write.


Guidebooks, checklists, flowcharts critical to getting it done.

Live Coaching!

Answers, direction, and support … all live from our broadcast studio!

The MIrror Effect Book

Our published book. The story of Loveships and how to find one.

The Loveship Calculator

A set of 6 tools unique in all of dating. Gets you on track and keeps you there.

Mirror University

Our Loveship educational portal. Access to video, courses, materials … everything you need!

Bloved Dating

Our new online dating site designed specifically for finding Loveships. Available only to LD System graduates.

Certified Expert

Shows you know your stuff and are serious about finding epic love. Lifts you above the crowd, proving you are the real thing!

Dater’s Bill of Rights

Every dater deserves honest, respectful and meaningful dates. We created the Bill of Rights for all daters to use to ensure better dates!



“I Was Blown Away!”

“Blown Away!”

“I confess that I purchased the system on an impulse. I thought it would just be one more of the many Internet dating guides I had read online. I got it because I thought it would be fun to commiserate with others who were suffering through the tedium of online dating as I was.

Well, I was blown away! As with many great concepts, once I heard the Bloved approach, it made so much sense I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been doing it all along. Instead, I had been doing the exact opposite! I wish I had taken this course when I was 20!

Everyone who is looking for a relationship should take this course to help them avoid the heartache and find a person that fits them perfectly from the start.” — Nancy


Want to know a little more about the Loveship Dating System, Loveships, and how to escape the hamster wheel of dating failure? We’ve dropped a few videos here to quench your thirst for knowledge about our radically different approach.

Bon appétit!

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