The Articles of Loveship

Every new age that dawns begins with a radical change, and so it is today with love.

For too long daters have been reduced to finding a brand of love that comes with a price a connection that is secured with effort and compromise, and years and tears.

No more! It is time to push it to the next level of connection by finding a love so deeply extraordinary that it shatters every perception you’ve ever had, and any love you’ve ever held.

We are proud to present the Articles of Loveship.

Welcome to the future of dating.

The Preamble to the Articles

Making a Stand for LOVE!

When we were children, we knew that love was magical. In presents with bows, parents with hugs, and in bedtime stories, love whispered to us and kept us company. Invincible like our childhood superheros, love filled us with courage and hope. Our hearts knew that one day we would find true love and that we’d be happy forever.

But then the people we trusted — the experts, the media and even those closest to us — told us that true love was a myth. They said that we couldn’t have it all. They said real connections were built with effort and loving compromise. 

So, we aimed for less … and that’s exactly what we got. Lowering the bar sentenced every dater to dull dates and every heart to lifeless love. They didn’t even call it love anymore; instead, it became a “relationship”.

Today, all of that ends! We will no longer compromise, as we have had our full measure of getting less! Beginning today, we declare our right to more … and beyond. We demand the absolute best of what the word love promises. Today, we take a stand for that deeper, truer love we once knew existed. 

Therefore, with these Articles of Loveship, we pronounce an end to the Age of Lesser Love by reclaiming the extraordinary, awe-inspring, soulful togetherness to which every heart is entitled.

With these Articles we ignite a Lovalution, securing the inalienable right to true love for every dater!

The Articles of Loveship

What’s a Loveship?
It’s the next step beyond relationships.

Read the Articles of Loveship to discover what a Loveship is and how it feels to have one.

Let the Lovalution Begin!

Article I - A Truer Love

What people call “true love” might better be described as natural love.

Natural love feels like you were born to be together like your hearts and souls were meant for each other. Instead of friction and discord, your togetherness feels natural, powerful and genuinely charmed. Compared to the love that you’ve felt before, natural love feels like love on the next level – you feel deeply connected to your mate by a truer, deeper love.

Article II - A Pre-existing Connection

Those who share natural love do so because they share a pre-existing connection at the deepest levels of the heart, soul, and mind.

Because this connection is built-in, you feel deeply connected to your date right way. Your connection does not take time to grow or effort to build. 

Article III - Unfading Affection

Your connection’s natural affinity conveys with it a deep, natural affection.

Not only do you love each other, you also deeply like each other   as if you had just found your best romantic friend in the world.

Your natural affection does not fade over time – it’s as strong on Day 1 as it is 10 years later.


Article IV - Just Being You

The connection in natural your love happens because of who you are.

In a “relationship”, partners learn to love each other in spite of who they are   they learn to love the things in their partner they don’t naturally love.

Your natural love is different. With natural love, you don’t need to adjust, compensate, compromise, bend, adapt, or change anything about you in order to have the connection. The connection happens because of who you naturally are, so you just get to be you all of the time.

Article V - Being Heard and Understood

Your shared natural alignment and affinity means that you deeply get each other on every level and in every way.

You and your love innately see, hear, understand, acknowledge, and validate each other without having to think about it.

You are naturally understood and appreciated at the deepest levels of your heart, soul, and mind.

Article VI - Easy Togetherness

Your deep, natural affinity brings with it an uncommonly high level of harmony and ease.  Your natural love has so little friction or discord  that neither of you can recall the last time you had a heated disagreement.

Happiness, easy, fun, and love are the hallmarks of your deep love togetherness.

The ease and connection of your love makes every day feel fantasically awesome. 

Article VII - A Knowing

Because the connection is pre-existing, you arrive at the first date already perfect for each other. There is such a deep knowing that you’ve met the right person that you end your search on the spot you both have no doubt that you have met with the right person for you.

You know every day that you are deeply loved, and your happiness thrives in the light of the love you naturally share. 


When a couple shares a connection as described above, they have found next-level love. Their togetherness is a LOVESHIP the next step beyond relationships!

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